Yannick Martin is a Visual Artist currently based in Marseille - France

As a graduated Architect, he worked for Architecture companies such as Yvan Pluskwa in Marseille or Conran & Partners in London. Afterwards he decided to join its brother and together made short films and music videos. The  last one have been shot in India for the song ''Partir ou Rester'' (to stay or to leave) of Brigitte Fontaine and Philippe Katerine. The one before was for the band Jesus is My Girlfriend and were shot in 3 countries, Thailand, Bolivia and France.

After its diploma, Yannick Martin self-published its first graphical and architectural book, THE BOX, sold in museums such as The Centre Pompidou, La Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine or Le Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris.

Art Statement

Yannick Martin experiment on forms and symbols linked with architectures.

Its projects explores formal and structural potentials constrained by geometry or hidden inside a shape, the cube.

Developed in workshops or in urban areas, he creates decomposition and recomposition in order to build art pieces playing with perspectives and structures.

The assemblies he makes question our perception, our senses, our understanding of space.

They dialogue with our memory just as much as they refer to architecture.

From its productions results a collection of configurations creating an alphabet.

More broadly, these structures are intended to be an invitation to question ourself about the interpretation that we have of everything. They are also build to invite us playing and building our environment.


2012 Steel Competition, 1st Prize (Group)

2009 Trophée des Lumière (ephemeral category), 2nd Prize (Group)


2020 Jacinte Moreno Gallery (Solo) - COMING - The 5TH of June

2019 My Cowork (Solo)

2019 Atelier Marc Bloch (Group)

2018 Atelier Marc Bloch (Group)

2017 Thalassanté, Marseille (Group)

2015 Kiblind, Paris (Group)

2012 Arbeit, London (Solo)


2018 Koozarch

2017 AGD Mag 

2016 Dis-Up 

2015 Archdaily 

2014 Gooood 

2014 How 


2013 THE BOX - Graphical Book, self-published