Yannick Martin is a graphic designer currently based in Paris - France

As graphic designer, independently or for clients, he always explored and produced forms questioning langages and points of views in order to produce strong and impacting visuals.

After its graduation, he got with Jonathan CACCHIA, Gordon WOURMS & Jonathan MONIER the 1st Prize for the National Steel Competition ''Imagine your future office'', prize delivered by Anne Lacaton Architecte at the Cité de L’Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris. The previous year, he received (with an other team) the 2nd price for the urban lighting in the ephemeral category in Marseille.

He then self-published its first graphical and architectural book, THE BOX, on sale in museums such as The Centre Pompidou, La Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine or Le Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris.

As a graduated Architect, he worked for Architecture companies such as Yvan Pluskwa in Marseille or Conran & Partners in London. Afterwards he decided to join its brother and together made short films and music videos. The last one have been shot in India for the song ''Partir ou Rester'' (to stay or to leave) of Brigitte Fontaine and Philippe Katerine.

He is now established as graphic designer with its own studio, making graphic design on various projects as well as exploring it on some more abstracts ways in order to build art pieces.


2012 Steel Competition, 1st Prize (Group)

2009 Trophée des Lumière (ephemeral category), 2nd Prize (Group)


2019 My Cowork (Solo)

2019 Atelier Marc Bloch (Group)

2018 Atelier Marc Bloch (Group)

2017 Thalassanté, Marseilles (Group)

2015 Kiblind, Paris (Group)

2012 Arbeit, London (Solo)


2013 THE BOX, self-published (Group)


As an Artist, he likes to question again everything that have been already questioned, seeing things like if it was the first time that he was seeing them.
He explores forms and symbols linked with architecture and structures, looking for new ways of expression and communication hidden into them.

The cube became the base to question everything we take for granted, a starting point from where he starts exploring spatial potentialities.

He breaks it and recomposes it in order to find a way from where we could maybe a day all speak the same language and understand each other.

His work is indeed an invitation to stay open minded to all the possibilities and characters the world is offering us.

We are indeed all different and all the same.