The Association Extramuros develops awareness on the value of discarded materials, including wood waste, through a recreative transformation of waste products into durable and useful furniture and accessories.

Through its participative and educational activities, the association also aims to act on the living environment in working-class neighborhoods, to generate diversity and a social bond and to act on the professional integration of sensitive publics. 


The visual identity is symbolised by a wooden pallet designing the 'E' of Extramuros and directly referring to the discarded materials used by the association to build its products.

The yellow and green colours of the identity reinforce their strong link to nature and their attachment to a warm environment that is dear to their activities and collaborations.

The pictograms and dotted lines declined in all the visual identity refer to the way of building, cutting and assembling in order to constitute their furniture and are specific to the activity of an association working in carpentry.

Artistic Director, Logo, Business Cards, Posters, Flyer, Pictogrammes, Stickers, Communication media...