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L'Etablissement_05_alphabet ORIGINAL.jpg


Avril 2021 (Paris, France)

The logo is developed from the idea of assembly and perspective drawing.

It refers to the very practice of the structure, namely the realization through the material wood.

A construction game developed from an alphabet composed of rectangular volumes, is an integral part of the logo.

It recalls the professional practice of the Establishment, anticipates the potential development of its visual identity and the realization of this logo from the materials used by the carpentry.


The visual has a playful but pragmatic character, colourful but sober.

The color scheme chosen allows the logo to be dynamic and attractive while maintaining its professional and reassuring character.


With this new logo, E for Establishment and E for Extramuros, the two joineries maintain a strong link while asserting their own identity.

L'Etablissement_20_Logo COLOR + TYPO.jpg
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