Lagan Nu Achaar (Pickle served in weddings).

Katy Billimoria is your typical small town girl who came to Bombay in the 70s from Kanpur, her home up until her mid-twenties. Born to devout parsis but brought up in a relatively alien environment (parsis can be found only in Bombay, there are literally a couple of thousand in the rest of india), she has a unique blend of parsi quirks as well as traditional north indian mannerisms, both in her personality as well as her cooking.


The idea behind the branding was to keep the Parsi traditional feeling with a touch of clean, modern design. Using a circle as a base & declining it by cutting its form is a reference to the curves & waves of the Persian alphabet.

Each colors directly references the flavour.

Keeping the composition as simple as possible was the key to this strong, distinct and colourful identity.

Art Director, Logo & Labels.