The Visual Identity developed for the Website aims to remain behind and to be discreet, to let the work of Le Corbusier speak for itself, avoiding any graphic design that would have easily dropped the website in the pastiche, bad taste and taking over the work of the Architect.  


The blue color refers to the application file of the inscription of the 17 projects in the World Heritage of Unesco, to the colorimetric range produced by Le Corbusier, to the Mediterranean dear to the architect. It develops in such a way as to induce the idea of wisdom associated with enthusiasm, in order to also meet the needs of visibility and readability specific to a website.  

In the same way, the range of colors for the English and German parts refer to the application files of these countries.


The graphical elements were created in a minimal way as much as modern, playing with the modulor and simple geometrical forms peculiar to the architectural approach of Le Corbusier.  


Therefore, the website has the ambition of being minimal and modern, welcoming, bright and playful.

Studio WHA-T: Artistic Director, Visual Identity, Web Design. 

Steven Loiseau: Web Development.