What about questioning architecture with a cube?

THE BOX is before anything else the research for a new architectural language.

This study started with the idea of questioning the cube currently used in architecture.

Allocating an uncommon verb to the cubes was a way to explore a new architectural language, questioning what could be possible in architecture, and what could be done with these verbs that are normally not used in Architecture.

We always use verbs like open, split or structure to work with the cube in our architectural projects, but what could we do with the verbs eat, peel, grow ...? 

l propose the drawings without showing the verbs that define them, to leave each person make their own interpretation, but also to let people travel freely through this collection of minimals graphics that introduce how architects could think.


The book aim to introduce how architects could think.

« I’m in a Box. You’re in a Box. She’s in a Box.

   Will anyone ever dare risking out ? »

   Nico Martin