The Tool association was created to contribute to the problem of the ecological crisis and to help it to get out of it, or at least to cross it.


In Wolof, a language spoken in a part of West Africa, the term Tool refers to a small piece of land to be cultivated, as well as sowing, cultivating. In English, it means a tool, a means of action. This name, suggested by the founders of the association, appeared particularly appropriate to what they imagined for this one: open on the world but anchored in the local realities, able to act concretely and favoring the exchanges of know as well as the sharing in its entirety.

The logo aims to integrate the values ​​of recycling, circular economy, self-help, wants to be impactful and easy to reproduce. The colors, although recalling (in spite of them) the idea of ​​nature and environment (blue = sea, green = vegetation, yellow = sun), were chosen in order to impulse a strong energy inducing the notions of attractiveness, benevolence, with a magnificently stimulating and unifying character. The choice of totems was made to illustrate each animal by the habitat that would 'define' it. It is clearly about the impact and the relationship of man with his environment. The symbols are inspired by nature as much as Wolof. They complete the totems by adding the environmental aspect to these structures speaking of the human. The patterns are arranged in superimposed layers, recalling strata or stacks of layers, calling again to nature as much as to construction.

Together, these elements then have the will to give substance to an association with great environmental and social ambitions.

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